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Kaizen Japan Benchmarking Tour

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While not only Europe but many regions around the world are suffering because of the severe and well-known financial and economic crisis, it is important to act for the recovery and future growth of the companies’ business. In Japan, after many years of sluggish expansion and natural disasters, many companies are actually increasing their competitiveness in the manufacturing field even in comparison with the low cost labour countries.


TPS (Toyota Production System) led Kaizen in quality, productivity, cost and time reduction, environment friendly technologies… are improving company profits and image. That is why we think that a study and training tour, visiting some process and assembly industry plants of these Japanese organizations could help western companies to get some hints and lessons to learn.



  • To Study the Background and Structure of Toyota Production System and Other  Japanese  Methodologies

  •  To Share, Analyze and Solve  Together Problems Participants May Have

  • To Have a Tour to The World's Highest Level Factories

  • To Learn about Japanese Culture and the Background of its Excellent Production Systems



  • Site-visit arrangement, Facilitation, consulting and training

  • Accommodation and ground transportation

  • Guide and interpretation services

  • Certificates from Kaizen Training and Event Management

  • Tourism & meals arrangements

Please call or contact us for more information  +971507203368 / +971508651851 

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