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Innovation & Shaping Future Programs:

Kaizen Shaping future skills & Innovation has become a basic requirements for competition in the present era, especially in light of the constant change of clients and their demands. These competitive techniques and skills can help in determining changes to create what you clients want before any one else!!!

This program is suitable for any senior professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs or consultants who wish to leverage innovation in order to face new organisational challenges. This program will equip you with the skills to influence strategy and decision-making, and employ innovation practices within your business structure. Build an environment that is optimized for developing new ideas through fostering a culture of innovation in your organisation.


What participants will learn:

  • The concept and importance of innovation and shaping future studies

  • Innovation and future shaping in organizations

  • Understanding the future through conventional theories

  • The scientific concept of shaping the future and its relationship with innovation and decision making process

  • Techniques and tools used in the process of  innovation & shaping the future

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