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Design Thinking Lab:

Design Thinking Lab is a hub for Innovation and Creativity. It offers a creatively stimulating environment for the development of innovative concepts. The creation of new products, services, business models, processes or systems. Design thinking is a comprehensive approach to solutions, which stimulates creativity in working groups of participants from different areas. It is an innovating process, which allows the development of new solutions for any given problem. Concepts are created and then revised in various cycles and tested using prototypes. The focus is on users' needs in order to ensure that the final result is tailored to users. The impact of design thinking is growing so quickly.


Kaizen Training and Event Management are giving opportunities to discover how to make use of the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the evolution towards Industry 4.0. Our main goal is to support throughout the idea generation process and the application which has already been used successfully in different projects.  We also are giving a supports of our clients in the implementation of the digital transformation.

We are using Stanford  Design Thinking  which is relating to five steps process –


Identifying customers

Empathize with their



Build models to Define  the experiences


Ideate ways to improve these experiences


Make quick and dirty prototypes of the solution plan in the preceding step


Test the solutions and keep what works needed

Please call or contact us for more information +971507203368 / +97124419938

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